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Per our Variance with Larimer County, please review the efforts we're committed to in order to keep our rehearsals safe:

Detailed plans on the space or area used for the gathering or event and controls that will be implemented to maintain 6 feet distancing requirements;

1) Separate entrance and exits
2) Directional arrows to prevent crossing in the hallway
3) 6 feet between chairs (3 2x2 carpet squares) between chairs
4) Limit of 2 in the bathroom with 4 stalls in each bathroom
5) No supplies will be shared between orchestra members to include music, music stands, chairs, other equipment
6) The room itself has a capacity of 102, so with 28 people, we will be at 27% capacity of the space

Face coverings must be required and plans should outline how the requirement will be communicated to participants and enforced during the event; 

1) Parents sign off that their student will wear a KN95 face mask
2) Signs posted at all entrances of the building
3) KN95 face masks provided if a student does not have one
4) Student will not be allowed to participate and parents will be called if the required face mask is not used

The plan must include methods used to register or sign-in attendees so that contact tracing may occur if necessary. Phone numbers must be collected. How will you do this?

1) Must register to be in the youth orchestra and phone number of parents will be gathered as part of the registration process
2) Attendance taken at each rehearsal

Susceptible populations will be strongly recommended to refrain from participating in any public gathering during the Safer at Home phase. How will you handle this?

1) Parents will sign off on a form that their student is not part of or in frequent contact with members of the vulnerable population to include:
Those who are over age 65
Those who have chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma
Those who have serious heart conditions
Those who are immunocompromised
Those who are pregnant
Those who are determined to be at high risk by a licensed healthcare provider

Posting signs throughout on requirements for physical/social distancing.

Signs are posted on the doors into the building and into the room the students will use as well as in the room where students gather



Please download and sign our COVID-19 Waiver Prior to your first rehearsal.

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