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Inspiring Harmony for Tomorrow

In the midst of the profound impact that the COVID-19 Pandemic had on the arts, the inception of The Northern Colorado Youth Orchestra became a reality, thanks to the unwavering dedication of parents, students, and teachers. With a collective vision for a brighter future for musicians of all ages and abilities in the Larimer County region and beyond, this passionate community emerged to breathe life into the world of music.
In just four seasons, our journey has been marked by extraordinary opportunities. At the close of our inaugural season, we received an invitation to showcase our talent at The American String Teachers Association's National Orchestra Festival. In our second season, we ventured to Atlanta, Georgia, securing a top-three placement in our debut competition. Recognizing the outstanding contributions of our founder, they were nominated and subsequently honored with the ASTA Outstanding String Teacher Award. Three months following our performance in Atlanta, we were invited to grace the stage at the iconic Carnegie Hall in New York in 2024. As we eagerly anticipate future seasons, the thrilling journey of music continues to unfold for our ensembles and musicians.
As time progresses and circumstances evolve, our guiding vision of "Inspiring Harmony for Tomorrow" remains steadfast. Rooted in our commitment to imparting critical life skills, fostering relentless perseverance, and nurturing empathy for all walks of life, we strive to make a lasting impact on our students. Through the transformative power of music education, we aspire to leave the world a little better than we found it, celebrating the universal language that unites us all.
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