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Interested in auditioning for one of our three ensembles?

Please follow these steps to request and submit your audition.

  • Step 2: Once you or your student has decided which ensemble they're most qualified to audition for, please select one of the following audition packets.

    • The Apprentice Ensemble​ (Non-auditioned) - Early to Intermediate Middle School or Non-traditional Beginners in Elementary or High School

    • The Concert Ensemble - Advanced Middle School / Early High School

    • The Chamber Orchestra - Intermediate to Advanced High School

  • Step 5: Once your student's audition has been received, it will be judged in a timely fashion.

  • Step 6: You will receive a confirmation message to the primary email address that you provided on the NoCoYO Audition Form with the results of your student(s) audition.

    • Once you've received ​an Acceptance Notification, you can sign our NoCoYO Contract!

  • Step 7: At that point, your student will be scheduled into one of our Ensembles using the Parent Portal from your initial New Student Registration. You will use this portal to track our rehearsal schedule, pay tuition, and manage any administrative details for your family should you change addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.

    • Tuition either in full or in monthly subdivisions must be paid prior to the first rehearsal.

    • For any further questions, please contact us below!

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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